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Cleaning a Rug

Many people don't actively think about this, but every time you go out of your house and come back in, you're also bringing in germs. These germs aren't visible, so usually people only notice other things, like dirt or dust. It's important to wash your rugs at least once a year to prevent cancerous dusts and other harmful bacteria from building up over time. 


When a customer makes an appointment or drops off their rug at LA Natural Rug Cleaning and Repair, we take care of your rugs like they're our own. 

The first step to a rug cleaning is to dust out the rug. The rug is dusted from the back anywhere from four to five times.

After dusting, the rug goes through a wash with our Natural Cleaning system. The rug is rinsed about three times until the water comes out clear. 

To dry the rug, it is air dried. This is the most time-consuming part of the job, as the rug might need to be moved around so that it keeps its flexibility. 

After the rug is dried, it's ready to be delivered to the customer or picked up!

If you're interested in booking a cleaning pickup with us or simply learning more about our services, please contact us below! Thank you.

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