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At Los Angeles Natural Rug Cleaning, we clean your Persian and Oriental rugs or kilims, using a gentle cleaning and drying process while utilizing natural cleaning techniques. Call us and receive a free estimate,  free pickup and delivery.

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Nabi, owner of Aara Rugs Inc

Decades of culture and knowledge were passed down to me by my father, one of the first to introduce diverse color schemes to the traditional red and black Afghani rugs. I’ve traveled the country meeting with wholesalers, retailers, and enthusiasts alike since I came to the country in 1989. I started Aara Rugs in 2010 and am happily working with my family to service the greater Los Angeles area.


I am a full-time mom and part-time administrator at Aara Rugs. I help handle calls and emails, as well as the office work for our company.


I joined the team early 2016 to help my dad manage his growing business. At Aara rugs I handle most of the inventory logging and processing, but what I love most is synchronizing color schemes to create the perfect interiors for our clientele.


I’ve been learning the rug trade for a few years now; helping my father transport inventory, work trade shows, and explore the culture all the while. I now have a Marketing degree from the California State University of Northridge, and use it to advance the standing of Aara Rugs, Inc.

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We are a family owned and operated third generation business specializing in sales, cleaning, and repair service of Persian, Oriental, Antique and Heirloom Rugs.
You have my promise that I will treat your rugs like my family's heritage rugs!