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    These two rugs were brought in by a client who got them from his parents. They were full of moths and eaten away by them, too. The two rugs were in extremely bad condition, and were ready to be through out.

    However, our client asked us if we could save them. They had a large sentimental value and he wanted to pass them down to his kids like his parents did with him. 

    The rugs were far too torn, shredded and eaten by the moths. Instead of repairing the rugs, which would have costed thousands of dollars, we recommended to refurbish them into museum-inspired pieces.

    To do this, we first washed the rugs to get rid of the dirt and moth larvae/eggs. Then, we sewed the rugs onto a piece of canvas. We spent hours sewing each individual tear and hole of the rugs onto the canvas, so that the rugs would last many more years.

    For the top rug, we agreed with the client to cut off the ends to preserve the best of the rug. 

    We kept the originality of the rugs in tact while ensuring that they will remain in good condition for years. Both the client and we are very happy with how these rugs turned out.

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